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Journey log

Journey log

(a) An operator shall retain the following information for each flight in the form of a journey log:
1. aeroplane registration;
2. date;
3. name(s) of crew member(s);
4. duty assignment of crew member(s);
5. place of departure;
6. place of arrival;
7. time of departure (off-block time);
8. time of arrival (on-block time);
9. hours of flight;
10. nature of flight;
11. incidents, observations (if any); and
12. commander’s signature (or equivalent).

(b) An operator may be permitted not to keep an aeroplane journey log, or parts thereof, by the Authority if the relevant information is available in other documentation.

(c) An operator shall ensure that all entries are made concurrently and that they are permanent in nature.

Source: EU-OPS

The presented material is for training purpose only!