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Additional information and forms to be carried

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Additional information and forms to be carried

An operator shall ensure that, in addition to the documents and manuals prescribed in Documents to be carried and Manuals to be carried, the following information and forms, relevant to the type and area of operation, are carried on each flight:
1. Operational Flight Plan;
2. Aeroplane Technical Log;
3. details of the filed ATS flight plan;
4. appropriate NOTAM/AIS briefing documentation;
5. appropriate meteorological information;
6. mass and balance documentation;
7. notification of special categories of passenger such as security personnel, if not considered as crew, handicapped persons, inadmissible passengers, deportees and persons in custody;
8. notification of special loads including dangerous goods including written information to the commander;
9. current maps and charts and associated documents as prescribed in Flight Preparation;
10. any other documentation which may be required by the States concerned with this flight, such as cargo manifest, passenger manifest etc; and
11. forms to comply with the reporting requirements of the Authority and the operator.
(b) The Authority may permit the information detailed in subparagraph (a) above, or parts thereof, to be presented in a form other than on printed paper. An acceptable standard of accessibility, usability and reliability must be assured.

Source: EU-OPS

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