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Fuel Policy (EU-OPS)

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An operator must base the company fuel policy, including calculation of the amount of fuel to be on board for departure, on the planning criteria outlined in the following subparagraphs.

Basic Procedure

The usable fuel to be on board for departure must be the amount of:

• Taxi Fuel

• Trip Fuel

• Contingency Fuel

• Alternate Fuel

• Final Reserve Fuel

• Minimum Additional Fuel

• Extra Fuel

1- Taxi Fuel

Taxi fuel shall not be less than the amount, expected to be used prior to take-off. Local conditions at the departure aerodrome and APU consumption shall be taken into account.

2- Trip Fuel

Trip fuel shall include Fuel: • for take-off and climb from aerodrome elevation to initial cruising level/altitude, taking into account the expected departure routing, • from top of climb to top of descent, including any step climb/descent, • from top of descent to the point where the approach is initiated, taking into account the expected arrival procedure and • for approach and landing at the destination aerodrome.

3- Contingency Fuel

The fuel required to for unseen factors which could have influence on the fuel consumption to the destination aerodrome. Such as deviation of an individual ACFT from the expected consumption data, deviation from meteorological conditions and deviation from planned routings, cruising levels or cruising altitudes.

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Source: EU-OPS

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