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Flight Preparation (EU-OPS)

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Flight Preparation (EU-OPS)

(a) An operator shall ensure that an operational flight plan is completed for each intended flight.

(b) The commander shall not commence a flight unless he/she is satisfied that:

1. the aeroplane is airworthy;
2. the aeroplane is not operated contrary to the provision of the configuration deviation list (CDL);
3. the instruments and equipment required for the flight to be conducted, in accordance with Subparts K and L, are available;
4. the instruments and equipment are in operable condition except as provided in the MEL;
5. those parts of the operations manual which are required for the conduct of the flight are available;
6. the documents, additional information and forms required to be available;
7. current maps, charts and associated documentation or equivalent data are available to cover the intended opera- tion of the aeroplane including any diversion which may reasonably be expected. This shall include any conver- sion tables necessary to support operations where metric heights, altitudes and flight levels must be used;
8. ground facilities and services required for the planned flight are available and adequate;
9. the provisions specified in the operations manual in respect of fuel, oil and oxygen requirements, minimum safe altitudes, aerodrome operating minima and availability of alternate aerodromes, where required, can be complied with for the planned flight;
10. the load is properly distributed and safely secured;
11. the mass of the aeroplane, at the commencement of take-off roll, will be such that the flight can be conducted in compliance with Subparts F to I as applicable; and
12. any operational limitation in addition to those covered by subparagraphs 9 and 11 above can be complied with.

Source: EU-OPS

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