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Aerodrome Operating Minima (Preflight)

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Aerodrome Operating Minima

The state of the operator shall require that the aircraft operator establish aerodrome operating minima for each aerodrome to be used in operations, and shall approve the method of determination of such minima. Such minima shall not be lower than any that may be established for such aerodromes by the state in which the aerodrome is located, except when specifically approved by that state.

The State of the Operator shall require that in establishing the aerodrome operating minima which will apply to any particular operation, full account shall be taken of:
• the type, performance and handling characteristics of the aircraft
• the composition of the flight crew, their competence and experience;
• the dimensions and characteristics of the runways which may be selected for use;
• the adequacy and performance of the available visual and non-visual ground aids;
• the obstacles in the approach and missed approach areas and the obstacle clearance altitude/height for the instrument approach procedures
• the means used to determine and report meteorological conditions; and
• the obstacles in the climb-out areas and necessary clearance margins
• the equipment available on the aircraft for the purpose of navigation and/or control of the flight path during the approach to landing and the missed approach.

Source: ICAO Annex 6

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