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9. GPS Abbreviations

GPS Abbreviations

ADIRS – Air Data – Inertial Reference System
ADS-B – Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast
AFSC – Air Force Space Command
ANP – Acquired Navigation Performance
AOC – Auxiliary Output Chip
ARINC – Aeronautical Radio Incorporation
AS – Anti Spoofing
ATM – Air Traffic Management
BITE – Built-In Test equipment
C/A – Course Acquisition
CDMA – Code Division Multiple Access
CDTI – Cockpit Display of Traffic Information
CDU – Control and Display Unit
CNS – Communication Navigation Surveillance
dB – decibel
DGPS – Differential GPS
DITS – Digital Information Transfer System
DME – Distance Measuring Equipment
DoD – Department of Defence
DOP – Dilution Of Position
ECEF – Earth Centred Earth Fixed
EGNOS – European Geo-stationary Navigation Overlay System
EGPWS – Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
ELT – Emergency Locator Transmitter
EST – Eastern Standard Time
FAA – Federal Aviation Authorities
FDE – Fault Detection and Exclusion
FM(C)S – Flight Management (Computer) System
FCL – Flight Crew Licensing
FOC – Full Operational Capability
GBAS – Ground-Based Augmentation System
GDOP – Geometric DOP
GLONASS – Global Navigation Satellite System
GNSS – Global Navigation Satellite System
GNSSU – Global Navigation Satellite Sensor Unit
GPS – Global Positioning System
HDOP – Horizontal DOP
HOW – Hand Over Word
ICAO – International Civil Aviation Organization
IFR – Instrument Flight Rules
ILS – Instrument Landing System
IRS – Inertial Reference System
JAR – Joint Aviation requirements
JPO – Joint Program Office
LAAS – Local Area Augmentation System
LNA – Low Noise Amplifier
LOP – Line Of Position
LORAN – Long Range Navigation
MCDU – Multi-function CDU
MCS – Master Control Station
MLS – Microwave Landing System
MMR – Multi-Mode Receiver
MNPS – Minimum Navigation Performance Standard
MSAS – Multi-function Satellite Augmentation System
NAVSTAR – Navigation Satellite with Timing And Ranging
NM – Nautical Mile (1852m)
NOTAM – Notice to Airmen
NPA – Non-Precision Approach
PDOP – Position DOP
PPS – Precise Positioning Service
PPOS – Present Position
PRN – Pseudo-Random Noise
Pvt – position, velocity, time
RAIM – Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor
RNAV – Area Navigation
RNP – Required Navigation Performance
SPS – Standard Positioning Service
RVSM – Reduced Vertical Separation Minima
SA – Selective Availability
SATCOM – Satellite Communication
SBAS – Space-Based Augmentation System
SV – Space Vehicle
SVN – Space Vehicle Number
TCAS – Traffic alert and Collision Avoidance System
TLM – Telemetry
TOA – Time Of Arrival
TTA – Time To Alarm
TTFF – Time To First Fix
UHF – Ultra High Frequency (300 – 3000 MHz)
USA – United States of America
UTC – Universal Time Coordinate
VDOP – Vertical DOP
VOR VHF – Omni-directional Range
WAAS – Wide Area Augmentation System
WGS – World Geodetic System

Source: FCRG

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