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Types and Characteristics of Weather Phenomena

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Types and Characteristics of Weather Phenomena
<strong>Types of Weather Phenomena</strong>

BR Mist #1
PL Ice pellets
DS Duststorm
PO Dust/sand whirls (dust devils)
DU Dust (widespread)
RA Rain
DZ Drizzle
SA Sand
FC Funnel cloud (tornado or waterspout)
SG Snow grains
FG Fog #2
SN Snow
FU Smoke
SQ Squall
GR Hail (ø ≥5mm)
SS Sandstorm
GS Small hail and/or snow pellets
UP Unknown precipitation
HZ Haze
VA Volcanic ash
IC Ice crystals #3

#1 VIS at least 1000m but not more than 5000m
#2 VIS less than 1000m, except when qualified by MI, BC, PR or VC
#3 VIS 5000m or less

<strong>Characteristics of Weather Phenomena</strong>

BC Patches
MI Shallow
BL Blowing
PR Partial
DR Low drifting
SH Shower
FZ Freezing
TS Thunderstorm

Source: ICAO

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