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Turbulence Grade Classification

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Turbulence Grade Classification

LIGHTCondition less than moderate turbulence. Changes in accelerometer readings less than 0.5g at the Center of Gravitiy (CG). Reported as “Turbulence light”.
MODERATEModerate changes in ACFT attitude and/or altitude may occur but ACFT remains in positive control at all times. Accelerometer readings 0.5g to 1.0g. Difficulties in walking. Loose objects move about. Strain felt against belt. Reported as “Turbulence moderate”.
SEVEREAbrupt changes in ACFT attitude and/or altitude. ACFT may be out of control for short periods. Large variation in airspeed. Accelerometers readings > 1.0g. Occupants forced violently against seatbelts. Loose objects tossed about. Reported as “Turbulence severe”.

Source: ICAO

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Turbulence Grade Classification
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