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Anti-Icing Codes

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Anti-Icing Codes
• the fluid type; i.e. Type I, II, III, IV
• the concentration of fluid within the fluid/water mixture, expressed as a percentage by volume #1
• the local time (hours:minutes), either – for a one-step de-icing / anti-icing: at the start of the treatment or – for a two-step de-icing/anti-icing: at the start of the second step (anti-icing)
• the date (written: day, month, year) #2
• the complete name of the anti-icing fluid (so-called “brand name”) #3
• the statement “Post de-icing/anti-icing check completed” #4

#1 No requirement for Type I fluid
#2 Required for record-keeping, optional for PIC notification
#3 Optional; for Type II and IV fluids only
#4 For specific aircraft types, additional requirements exist e.g. special clear ice checks, such as tactile checks on wings. Additional confirmation for these checks is required.

Source: ICAO

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