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Precision approach – Category II operations

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Precision approach – Category II operations

1. General
A Category II operation is a precision instrument approach and landing using ILS or MLS with:
(i) A decision height below 200 ft but not lower than 100 ft; and
(ii) A runway visual range of not less than 300 m.

2. Decision height
An operator must ensure that the decision height for a Category II operation is not lower than:
(i) The minimum decision height specified in the AFM, if stated;
(ii) The minimum height to which the precision approach aid can be used without the required visual reference;
(iii) The OCH/OCL for the category of aeroplane;
(iv) The decision height to which the flight crew is authorised to operate; or
(v) 100 ft.

3. Visual reference
A pilot may not continue an approach below the Category II decision height determined in accor- dance with subparagraph (d)2. above unless visual reference containing a segment of at least three consecutive lights being the centre line of the approach lights, or touchdown zone lights, or runway centre line lights, or runway edge lights, or a combination of these is attained and can be maintained. This visual reference must include a lateral element of the ground pattern, i.e. an approach lighting crossbar or the landing threshold or a barette of the touchdown zone lighting.

4. Required RVR
The lowest minima to be used by an operator for Category II operations are:

Table 6
RVR for Cat II approach v. DH

Category II minima

Decision heightAuto-coupled to below DH
(see Note 1)
Category A, B and C
Category D
100 ft-120 ft300 m300 m
(Note 2)/350 m
121 ft-140 ft400 m400 m
141 ft and above450 m450 m

Note 1: The reference to “auto-coupled to below DH” in this table means continued use of the automatic flight control system
down to a height which is not greater than 80 % of the applicable DH. Thus airworthiness requirements may, through
minimum engagement height for the automatic flight control system, affect the DH to be applied.
Note 2: 300 m may be used for a Category D aeroplane conducting an auto land.

Source: EU-OPS

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