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Cruising Levels Applicable in RVSM Airspace

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Cruising Levels Applicable in RVSM Airspace
<strong>Cruising Levels Applicable in RVSM Airspace</strong>

The RVSM cruising levels to be observed when required are as follows:
In areas where, on the basis of regional air navigation agreements and in accordance with conditions specified therein, a Vertical Separation Minimum (VSM) of 300m (1000ft) is applied between FL290 and FL410 inclusive, except when on the basis of regional air navigation agreements, a modified table of cruising levels based on a nominal vertical separation minimum of 300m (1000ft) is prescribed for use, under specified conditions, by aircraft operating above FL410 within designated portions of the airspace.

<strong>Cruising Levels Applicable in RVSM Airspace</strong>
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Source: ICAO

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