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Fuel Policy

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Fuel Policy
(i) Take-off and landing are made at the same place — An operator shall specify the minimum fuel contents at which a flight must end. This minimum, final reserve, fuel must not be less than the amount needed to fly for a period of 45 minutes.

(ii) Take-off and landing are made at different places — An operator shall ensure that the pre-flight calculation of usable fuel required for a flight includes;

(A) Taxi fuel — Fuel consumed before take-off, if significant; and

(B) Trip fuel (Fuel to reach the destination); and

(C) Reserve fuel –
1. Contingency fuel — Fuel that is not less than 5 % of the planned trip fuel or, in the event of in-flight re-planning, 5 % of the trip fuel for the remainder of the flight; and
2. Final reserve fuel — Fuel to fly for an additional period of 45 minutes (piston engines) or 30 minutes (turbine engines); and

(D) Alternate fuel — Fuel to reach the destination alternate via the destination, if a destination alternate is required; and

(E) Extra fuel — Fuel that the commander may require in addition to that required under subparagraphs (A)- (D) above.

Source: EU-OPS

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