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Contents and conditions of the Air Operator Certificate (AOC)

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Contents and conditions of the Air Operator Certificate (AOC)
<strong>Contents and conditions of the Air Operator Certificate</strong>

An AOC specifies the:
(a) Name and location (principal place of business) of the operator;
(b) Date of issue and period of validity;
(c) Description of the type of operations authorised;
(d) Type(s) of aeroplane(s) authorised for use;
(e) Registration markings of the authorised aeroplane(s) except that operators may obtain approval for a system to inform the Authority about the registration markings for aeroplanes operated under its AOC;
(f) Authorised areas of operation;
(g) Special limitations; and
(h) Special authorisations/approvals e.g.:
— CAT II/CAT III (including approved minima),
— (MNPS)
— (RNAV)
— (RVSM)
— Transportation of dangerous goods,
— Authorisation to provide cabin crew initial safety training and, if applicable, to issue the attestation provided for in Subpart O, for those operators who provide such training directly or indirectly.

Source: EU-OPS

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